About EmployShare

“Without a doubt, EmployShare is ‘best in class’ in the world of human resource management,” states a financial services client based in New York City. "Superb Organization! You deliver what you promise and provide an invaluable service to your clients," states an investment advisor client in Baltimore, MD.

“Such a remarkable reputation has not been achieved easily or overnight”, states Dan D’Alio, President and CEO. “We love to learn from other people’s mistakes, in the hopes that we can sidestep the same mistakes,” says Mr. D’Alio. “We have surrounded ourselves with the best professional and experienced employees. That’s why our clients take to them so quickly and refer us to all their associates. And yes, we return phone calls quickly, very quickly.”

So often in the outsourcing world, the vendor, in time, becomes the problem. They become slow in returning phone calls, if at all. They develop big corporate structures that bog down decision making and are inefficient at best. And they ultimately become the problem that their clients attempted to outsource in the first place.

EmployShare, Inc., a privately owned corporation based in Beaver Falls, PA, serves clients in almost every state in the USA. Original owners Dan D’Alio and Rich Caputo are realistic about the future of the company:

“Size means nothing. Creating value relationships is our objective. We look for clients that are concerned about protecting their company, taking care of their employees, and making as much profit as possible. We have no interest in being the biggest; just the best,” states Mr. D’Alio.

"EmployShare actually allows me to focus on my financial business without the everyday stress of HR, payroll, and employee relations issues. Any service organization could do well by following your lead," says the CEO of a medium-sized financial practice in New York City.