AFA GDC-based Compensation Program through Employshare.  Independent Contractor Associate Financial Advisor.

Pay total GDC-based compensation to your independent contractor AFA(s) correctly and worry-free through EmployShare, an Ameriprise-approved vendor. We make it easy for you to stay compliant with regulatory and Ameriprise requirements.

It’s more than “just payroll.”

1. We protect you from FINRA and SEC regulations on “redistribution” of GDC.

EmployShare works ONLY in the financial services industry. We comprehensively understand the unique world you operate in, and the risks you face running your practice.

2. We file your IRS 1099s for you with no additional fees.
EmployShare will file your annual return, and copy you and your AFA(s). We can also consolidate your outside (non-GDC) 1099 revenue with our 1099 filing to streamline your filing.

3. We offer you and your independent contractor AFA(s) group-rate


You can increase your value proposition to existing and new AFAs with great benefits, including guarantee issue group short- and long-term disability insurance, and group term life for you, your independent contractor AFAs, spouses and dependents.

4. We don’t just “process” your payroll. We provide advice.
Want to make sure you’re offering the right payout rate to your AFAs? Want to be able to change that rate depending on how your practice changes? You don’t want to overpay or underpay your AFAs – and neither does EmployShare.

5. Oh, and about that paperwork.
We complete the necessary paperwork and guidance for each enrollment to meet service period scheduling. We understand the Ameriprise requirement for you to show ongoing proof of compliance using the Ameriprise Online File Manager system. For this purpose, we provide secure online access to view invoices, ongoing and secure electronic billing, electronic paystub delivery and customized reports. You know where your money is going, and you’ll stay in compliance with regulatory and Ameriprise requirements.

6. Must have: Independent Contractor Agreement.
EmployShare provides this key agreement in our AFA GDC-based compensation program for an additional fee, see below. Our Independent Contractor Agreement outlines the essential terms of this classification while providing protection from regulatory bodies like the IRS, DOL, and state unemployment and workers compensation bureaus. This agreement may also include restrictive language to protect your book of business — non-solicit, non-compete and asset attrition provisions in the event the AFA leaves your practice.

7. Nothing of value is free.

Our fees for Independent Contractor AFAs enrolled in the AFA GDC-based compensation program:
$595: one-time fee for enrolling each independent contractor AFA, $195.00 for enrolling subsequent independent contractor AFAs. $35 per bi-weekly service period fee for each independent contractor AFA. $1,495: Independent Contractor Agreement.

It’s worth it. Contact us. We’re here to help.

Dan D’Alio, Information and guidance,  330.856.9770,

Karen Kind, Information and guidance, 612.508.9660,

Brad Bechtel, GDC Program Enrollment, administration, and ongoing support, 724.843-2434,

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