Congratulations to the EmployShare team for five years of effectively and efficiently paying GDC-based compensation to Ameriprise associate financial advisors.

Team members Chrissy Wolf, Phyllis Hildebrand, Brad Bechtel, Dan D’Alio, Jeff Bovalino and Christina Caputo have been involved in the program since the beginning. Karen Kind brought her unique expertise to the team in 2017 after retiring as leader of the Ameriprise Practice Operations Desk.  This longevity and depth of knowledge across the team ensures consistency, accuracy and problem-solving for our clients.

Why does this matter?  Well, in addition to “getting it right” for the advisor and AFAs, paying GDC-based compensation is a regulated process that goes well beyond issuing payroll checks. We understand all the regulations you face as an advisor on redistribution, books and records and other compensation matters as laid out by the SEC, FINRA, every single state in the country – and Ameriprise.

Want to make sure you’re “getting it right” on ALL aspects of compensation? Contact us to learn more about EmployShare’s ActiveHR platform.

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Contact:  Dan D’Alio, President