We start with a deep dive into your current business model. We conduct a thorough and collaborative examination of your business, its strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and gaps. The result is a very detailed plan which includes recommendations and solutions to manage and protect your practice, in addition to guidance and directives for mitigating your risk with various federal and state regulatory agencies.


We build your business model and install processes and safeguards to enhance and protect your practice. Deliverables include an array of necessary business documents such as state-specific employment agreements, job descriptions, compensation agreements, employee handbooks, succession agreements, equity agreements, protective documents and more. We also align your legal entity operating documents, insurance, and accounting practices to help you strengthen and fortify the protective layer you expect from your legal entity.


We designed and built your customized business model. Now we help you operate it 24/7. Our ActiveHR approach integrates normally fragmented processes into a Single Source Solution. We connect your business model to your practice and employees, bringing you into a protective position with regulators who can hurt you the most, like FINRA, SEC, DOL, IRS and numerous state agencies. We help you run your business and reduce your burden of risk – so you can spend more time with your clients.

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