Everyone has payroll. But only EmployShare clients have ActiveHR. You won’t find it anywhere else.

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Payroll Management/Processing

Complete management of the payroll process, including issuing of payroll checks and W-2’s in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. Call center for both employees and owners for payroll changes, corrections and inquiries.

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Payroll Tax Compliance

Collection, payment and filing of all payroll taxes, including federal, state, local, SUTA, FUTA, workers’ comp and state disability where mandated.

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Payroll Law Compliance

Management of your payroll obligations in accordance with all applicable law.

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Proper timekeeping is not an optional chore. Numerous federal and state laws have requirements in this area.

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Employer & Employee Online Portals

24/7 online portal access for both you and your employees.

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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit available to multiple employee accounts.

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1099 Independent Contractor Payment Processing

Complete management of the payment process, including issuing of payment checks and 1099’s in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. Call center for both independent contractors and owners for payment changes, corrections and inquiries.

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Payroll Records

Employee file creation and electronic storage of employee files and records in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Why EmployShare

EmployShare has a comprehensive array of solutions to the complexities your practice faces. We work hard to make it easy for you to run an efficient practice and reduce risks you may face in the future. We are not just a convenient way to help you operate your business. We also help protect you from unintended consequences, issues that may significantly and negatively affect everything you have worked to achieve, liabilities you may never have contemplated.

What Clients Say

“Their differentiation is their specificity of experience to financial services, with complex practices like mine. Other firms do parts of what they do, but I do not have faith that they know my business end-to-end like EmployShare.”
Rich Zito, Garden City, NY
“What is your plan if you have an employee dispute? If you have a practice dispute? Don’t say ‘would have, could have, should have’…engage EmployShare and protect yourself.”
Roger McCoy, Tulsa, OK
“There is a huge percentage of advisors unknowingly running their business incorrectly, and one bad event away from losing their practice. Advisors are choosing one way or another – to keep going as-is or to address and limit risks. I chose to protect myself with EmployShare.”
Scott Esco, Walnut Creek, CA