EmployShare helps you manage and protect your financial advisory practice, so you can spend more time with clients.

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What is ActiveHR

Our team of credentialed professionals continuously links all aspects of your services to support and protect you.

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ActiveHR Advantage

ActiveHR is a superior solution. See a real comparison between EmployShare’s ActiveHR and other providers.

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Human Resource Management

EmployShare adds value to your practice through proper management of your biggest asset, your employees.

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Payroll and Tax Administration

EmployShare can ease your administrative burden with stress-free payroll and tax administration.

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Group Benefits Administration

EmployShare provides your employees with a positive benefit experience, access to leading carriers and first-class benefit options.

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Business Development

EmployShare offers professional experience in the independent financial advisor world.

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What We Do

We design, build and operate customized business models for financial practice owners. Whether you are a sole proprietor or an S-Corp, use independent contractors or have employees, EmployShare takes the guess work out of the business side of your practice.  Since 1996, our core expertise has been in the financial services field. We look at your practice end-to-end, and provide guidance and administration in human resources, benefits, payroll, compensation, insurance, employee relations and more.

We provide business and legal entity guidance for complex teams with multiple owners. We put safeguards in place to protect you and your practice from unforeseen conflicts, giving you controls to mitigate, prevent and avoid risk.

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How We Do It

We comprehensively understand the unique world of Broker/Dealers, a world that is progressively more complicated. As an independent financial advisor, you are subject to a whole host of rules and regulations, at both the federal and state (or multi-state) level. As you have grown, you have compounded the complexities and liabilities relating to employment practices, taxes, compliance, benefits – the list goes on. You may not be prepared to understand and comply with all of the regulatory requirements…but we are. We provide a single source for you to operate the business side of your financial advisory practice. We take on accountability for everything we touch, meeting all applicable state and federal laws and ensuring that you remain in compliance and are protected.

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What It Means for You

Our professional team members are credentialed and licensed in their respective fields, including FPC, CPA, JD, PHR, SHRM-CP and more. Your practice and your employees benefit from proven resources and solutions, along with complete access to our experts on employer responsibilities, benefits, employee relations, insurance and other issues. You avoid, reduce, or mitigate the possibility of making a tactical error that could be unrecoverable to your practice. You manage both your risks and your costs, even when the unexpected happens. You have one less hat to wear, allowing you the work-life balance you desire. You know you have done everything you can to efficiently and effectively protect and manage the practice you have invested so much time building.

Are you an advisor or a small business owner?

The answer is “yes.” But where do you excel?  Where do you want to spend your time? Delegate those things you’re not good at or don’t have time to do effectively.  Focus on the things where you can add the most value.  Let us help limit your risk and create capacity.

Why Choose EmployShare

      • We have more than 20 years’ experience specializing in the financial services industry.
      • Our team has deep expertise in employment law, state and federal financial regulations, tax law, practice insurance, etc.
      • We provide end-to-end solutions for your business, unlike other providers that offer only narrow product choices.
      • We’ll assist with any payroll audits, including IRS audits, other federal and state agency audits, workers’ comp audits, and any other audits where payroll or employee record information is required.

What Clients Say

“Their differentiation is their specificity of experience to financial services, with complex practices like mine. Other firms do parts of what they do, but I do not have faith that they know my business end-to-end like EmployShare.”
Rich Zito, Garden City, NY
“What is your plan if you have an employee dispute? If you have a practice dispute? Don’t say ‘would have, could have, should have’…engage EmployShare and protect yourself.”
Roger McCoy, Tulsa, OK
“There is a huge percentage of advisors unknowingly running their business incorrectly, and one bad event away from losing their practice. Advisors are choosing one way or another – to keep going as-is or to address and limit risks. I chose to protect myself with EmployShare.”
Scott Esco, Walnut Creek, CA

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