Don’t underestimate the importance of proper human resource practices within the workplace. The EmployShare HR Team consists of subject matter experts readily available to assist you in the creation and management of the HR framework of your practice.

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Employment Law Guidance

Stay ahead of the game through proactive guidance on federal and state law governing the employer-employee relationship.

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HR Consulting

Gain high-level guidance from our experienced team on a wide range of HR issues, including leaves of absence, compensation, discrimination, disciplinary actions, overtime issues and more.

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Employment Documentation

Protect your practice with proper Employment Agreements, Job Descriptions, Compensation Agreements and other documentation.

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Employee Handbooks and Policies

Develop customized policies for your practice and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local law.

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Performance Management

Get the most out of your employees through proper performance management.

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Termination Guidance

Handle all terminations with care while minimizing risk to your practice. We provide coaching and guidance to support you through the tough stuff.

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Classification of Employees

Ensure compliance with applicable law, including exempt v. non-exempt classification and W2 employee v. 1099 contractor status. Avoid overtime violations with EmployShare’s help.

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Hiring & On-Boarding

Alleviate your administrative burden through the hiring process, including pre-hire screening, creation of Offer Letters and more.

Why EmployShare?

You help your clients achieve their dreams. Don’t sacrifice yours by inadvertently running afoul of the multitude of regulatory and legal requirements facing your business. We’ll give you a clear path toward protecting your practice from outside forces you can’t control. You may not be able to control an event, but you can control the outcome – if you are prepared. Let EmployShare focus on managing and protecting your practice, while you focus on your clients.

What Clients Say

“Their differentiation is their specificity of experience to financial services, with complex practices like mine. Other firms do parts of what they do, but I do not have faith that they know my business end-to-end like EmployShare.”
Rich Zito, Garden City, NY
“What is your plan if you have an employee dispute? If you have a practice dispute? Don’t say ‘would have, could have, should have’…engage EmployShare and protect yourself.”
Roger McCoy, Tulsa, OK
“There is a huge percentage of advisors unknowingly running their business incorrectly, and one bad event away from losing their practice. Advisors are choosing one way or another – to keep going as-is or to address and limit risks. I chose to protect myself with EmployShare.”
Scott Esco, Walnut Creek, CA