Investing in a relationship with EmployShare as your strategic business partner allows you to focus on building your practice.

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Business Model Development

Business design and organization, specifically designed for your practice.

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Organization & Legal Entity Design

Guidance for optimal use of your legal entity. Strategies for utilizing a legal entity in accordance with FINRA and SEC regulations.

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Practice Acquisition

Customized approach to practice acquisition, including guidance on Practice Purchase Agreements and Buy Sell Agreements.

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Succession Planning

Consultation and guidance regarding comprehensive exit strategies and retirement options.

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Practice/Equity Protection

Protect your Book of Business through proper legal agreements: Practice Interest Agreements, Attrition Agreements, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements, and protection of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information.

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Compensation Modeling

Best practices for paying registered advisors, including books and records and more.

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Tools for Advisor Recruits

Attract and retain advisor recruits by providing an interest in your practice without giving up ownership.

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Experienced Advisor Recruits (EARs)

More than 20 years experience in the transition of group and individual EARs.

Why Choose EmployShare?

It has taken years of commitment and hard work to build your financial advisory practice. You have developed a strong client base, gathered a tremendous amount of client AUM, created a great team and built a personal brand in your community. The future is bright, with opportunities for even more growth. EmployShare can guide you as you make your next move…whether it’s buying another practice, bringing experienced advisors on board, or ensuring your practice thrives in the next generation.

What Clients Say

“Their differentiation is their specificity of experience to financial services, with complex practices like mine. Other firms do parts of what they do, but I do not have faith that they know my business end-to-end like EmployShare.”
Rich Zito, Garden City, NY
“What is your plan if you have an employee dispute? If you have a practice dispute? Don’t say ‘would have, could have, should have’…engage EmployShare and protect yourself.”
Roger McCoy, Tulsa, OK
“There is a huge percentage of advisors unknowingly running their business incorrectly, and one bad event away from losing their practice. Advisors are choosing one way or another – to keep going as-is or to address and limit risks. I chose to protect myself with EmployShare.”
Scott Esco, Walnut Creek, CA

EmployShare is not a law firm and the employees of EmployShare are not acting as your attorney.  EmployShare’s Active HR platform and Business Development Services are not intended to be a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require specific advice concerning any legal matter, please contact your legal counsel or retain the services of a qualified attorney in your jurisdiction.