Let’s do a real comparison between EmployShare’s ActiveHR and other providers.

We occasionally hear from a practice owner that they could “save money” by switching from EmployShare’s ActiveHR to other providers for payroll or other services. Well, if it were an apple-to-apple comparison, they could be right. But the services EmployShare provides, by our team of experts who operate ONLY in the financial advice industry, make the comparison more like apples-to-toast. Let’s review some of the services – you’ll see the difference.

Service EmployShare
Payroll Services Employee leasing companies/PEOs Do-it-yourself
Payroll and tax administration YES YES YES Risky
Employer risk mitigation, consulting and guidance YES NO Maybe Risky
“Hiring the best talent” consulting and guidance YES NO Maybe Risky
IRS classification guidance (1099 vs. W2, exempt vs. non-exempt) YES NO Maybe Risky
Job responsibilities and compensation agreements (separation, restrictive covenants, etc.) YES NO Unlikely Risky
Practice policies and ongoing employee handbook policy guidance and consulting YES NO Unlikely Risky
Practice legacy planning (practice interest, buy-sell, succession, etc.) YES NO NO Risky
Legal entity consulting and guidance YES NO NO Risky
Group supplemental benefits: guarantee issue disability insurance, dental, vision, flex spending and more YES NO Maybe Risky
Group medical administration for the medical plan of your choice YES NO Maybe Risky
Commercial insurance tailored for your industry YES NO Unlikely Risky
Practice acquisition consulting and guidance (complex team agreements, team transitions, business models) YES NO NO Risky
GDC distribution guidance and consulting YES NO NO NO


EmployShare’s team of credentialed professionals continuously links all aspects of your services – to support and protect you, your practice, and your employees. We monitor for anything that could get in the way of your profitability and continued success.


Jeffery A. Bovalino