• What is it?
  • Why should you care?

It is what payroll should be for you.

ActiveHR – EmployShare’s team of credentialed professionals continuously links all aspects of your services – to support and protect you, your business, and your team. We monitor for anything that could get in the way of your profitability and continued success.

  1. We have credentials. Our team includes human resources certified professionals, licensed employment law attorneys, certified public accountants and licensed insurance agents.
  1. We know financial services. In addition to our credentials, we ONLY work with practice owners in the financial services industry.
  1. It’s about helping to protect you from reportable incidents. You are working in one of the highest regulated industries. You don’t get a second chance with the SEC, FINRA, IRS or a department of labor when something goes wrong or is out of place – whether unintentional or not. We know what risks to look for because we have been protecting financial practice owners since 2001. You benefit from our experience.
  1. Compensation is a regulated business process, not just a pay check. Books and records for compensating your employees, independent contractors, sales associates and partners is a serious matter. Adding unregistered legal entities to your practice makes this even more serious. The DOL Wage and Hour, FINRA, SEC, ERISA, Bureau of Unemployment, State Bureaus of Workers’ Compensation, and the IRS want to know who is getting paid and for what purpose. The recently-passed tax reform is making this even more complicated.
  1. We go way beyond processing your payroll. We provide ongoing guidance and advice. Want to make sure you’re offering the right compensation plan to your AFAs? What about paying a salary plus GDC? You don’t want to overpay or underpay your AFAs – and neither does EmployShare. We’ll also guide you on (and monitor) overtime exemption salary requirements so you comply with DOL regulations and don’t get hit with a costly unpaid overtime violation.
  1. Must haves: Job Offer Letter and Employment Agreement. EmployShare includes key employment agreements in our ActiveHR program. We create a Job Offer Letter for each employee, a critical first step for hiring and a key on-boarding document that must be clear, concise and legally sensitive to state and federal laws. We also create an Employment Agreement, a vital document between you and each employee that includes a thorough and specific job description and compensation agreement, including restrictive language to help protect your book of business.  We will also provide guidance on employment matters between you and your employee, including turn-around strategies, performance review guidance and risk mitigation, including termination guidance.
  1. It’s hard to put a price on expertise. Your clients rely on you and your team to provide a quality advisory relationship that evolves over time to meet their needs. The EmployShare ActiveHR team works with our clients to provide a similar, high quality service to you and your team. Let’s take a look at your practice to see what ActiveHR can do for you.

It’s worth it. Contact us. We’re here to help.


Jeffery A. Bovalino, JD and CEO