A: How about retirement plan compliance? How about maximizing tax advantages for yourself?

We hear this all the time: “I am such a small organization with only one employee. I don’t need all of your services!” Unless this employee is a relative, you may have more risk than a business with 20 employees.

  • Think about this. Your one employee knows everything about your company. He or she handles all of your payroll, benefits, client questions, and back office responsibilities. What happens when this employee leaves?
  • More importantly, what happens if this employee leaves and goes to work for your competitor? All of his/her knowledge and expertise learned from you is now working against you.
  • How will you handle all of the administrative duties like payroll and taxes? This is a pretty scary and realistic situation. Having one employee handle all of your business leaves you very vulnerable. Naturally, there should be a level of employer/employee trust, but these “what if’s” are real and you should think big when protecting your small business.
  • Back office responsibilities for small businesses are a money burner. The more time you spend on payroll and HR-related tasks, or on hiring and training a bookkeeper, the less time you’re spending managing your business.
  • Most small business owners didn’t go into business because they were passionate about performing the administrative tasks that go along with running a business.

EmployShare’s number one priority is protecting what you have worked so hard to build. We understand how important every employee is to the success of your business and we want to eliminate work that is non-revenue producing. We can be your one point of contact for all administrative operations.