Payroll Administration

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Create employee files and electronically store all employee records in accordance with federal and state regulations Issue payroll checks, W2’s, and 1099’s Offer direct deposit to multiple employee accounts Provide collection, payment and filing of ALL taxes including federal, state, local, SUTA, FUTA, workers’ comp, and state disability where mandated Create Payroll Cost reporting so you [...]

Benefits Administration

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Offer selection of medical plans: fully insured and self insured, as determined by advisor Customize Cafeteria plans to any need Administer employee benefits including Health, Life, Dental, Disability, Supplemental Accident and Vision Collect, pay, and file all insurance deductions/premiums, including medical and retirement Create annual employee benefits statements Ensure benefits compliance with pension plan, COBRA, and [...]

Recruiting and Retention

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Leverage best practices for recruitment strategies Review and analyze resumés to develop a qualified pool of candidates for first interview Rank and review applicants based on first interview evaluations. Provide list for final interview and a final interview strategy Implement leadership training, management consulting and employee training programs Complete and evaluate performance reviews and employee opinion [...]

Employee Relations Management

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Create employee handbooks including your specific policies, with state-neutral or state-sensitive language Develop employer/employee agreements, contracts and other Policy and Procedure Manuals Ensure proper employee classification regarding W2 vs. 1099 and exempt vs. non-exempt Conduct background checks including credit, criminal and previous employer, and pre-employment screening and testing; drug testing Account for vacation, sick and personal [...]

Risk Aversion

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Maintain worksite health and safety through safety guidelines, pre-employment and random drug testing, and safety committee training Provide Business Owners Insurance Packages, including General liability, Property Risk liability, Workers Compensation and Employer Practices Liability Manage Insurance and Unemployment claims Ensure Wage and Hour compliance Provide proactive audit compliance

Strategies for Growth

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Provide guidance for optimal use of your legal entity Leverage best practices for optimizing your employees’ productivity Create agreements for owners, partners, employees and more Control and stabilize costs to increase profits

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